Vostok FM Broadcasting Station Mega-concert Has Taken Place!

The most spectacular and splendid Moscow musical event – "Stars of East" mega-concert – took place on the 20th of April in Vegas City Hall!
Vostok FM - the most upbeat broadcasting station - gave the fans of oriental hits an opportunity to see their favourite celebrity performers.

There were the following performers, whose hits are broadcasted daily over the Vostok FM Broadcasting Station, at this spectacular and upbeat music festival: Timur Temirov, Sogdiana, Ka-Re, Christina, Alexandros Tsopozidis, Ehlbrus Dzhanmirzoev, Anivar, Adil Karaca, Zehava Cohen, Tural Everest, Daniel Garunov, Rinat Karimov, Sultan Uragan, Avi Benedi, DONI, Babek Mamedrzaev, Alik Dovlatbekyan, Abdulkarim Karimov, Vahtang, Edward, Aisha as well as special guests – Fabrika and Vika Daineko.

The concert was presented by Sultan Uragan, the author and performer of a mega-hit "Na discoteku" ("To a discotheque"), and Oksana Olshanskaya, the lovely Vostok FM emcee, in a cheerful, friendly and joyful climate.

The audience welcomed all the performers in a renowned Oriental way - they applauded, danced and sang along right from the very start of the concert to its final chords. The performers paid back in kind by putting their heart into each song.

As ever, the show full of finest songs and performances awaited the visitors of the Vostok FM event. Glamorous oriental women appeared onstage in gorgeous outfits and male performers got the audience going with their fiery temperament. Dynamic hit songs with lively rhythms were accompanied by rousing dances and lyrical songs were accompanied by love and kind words addressing the audience.

Alik Dovlatbekyan performed his downright hit song "Ty moya, a ya tvoy" (You're mine, I'm yours) and confessed onstage that he had got angsty prior to performing but overcome that feeling aided by the audience. Sogdiana and Kazakhstan singer Abdulkarim Karimov sang the chorus part of their collaborative song "Koltso" (A ring) a capella together with the audience.

Israel singer Zehava presented the listeners of Vostok FM with her hit song "Ya Lili", that has millions of views on You Tube, and then performed a song in Armenian and expressed her love to her fans in Russian. Adil Karaca - a guest from Turkey - also showed the excellent knowledge of Russian. Performing a collaborative song "Ona takaya" (She's just like that) with Timur Timirov he perfectly handled the Russian version of the chorus.

A special guest performance was a pleasant surprise for the audience. Fabrika and Vika Daineko presented their hit songs in exclusive oriental arrangements created exclusively for Vostok FM.

There were a lot of dances that evening in addition to luscious hit songs. Rinat Karimov traditionally started his act by dancing lezginka and Alexandros Tsopozidis danced sirtaki when performing the song "Tanets greka" (Dance of a Greek). Babek Mamedrzaev sang to the audience a request to groove to his songs and the audience gladly aided the charismatic performer of the passionate song "Bandit".

Ehlbrus Dzhanmirzoev, known for his exquisite oriental sense of humour, advised the audience to forget about cheating after performing the song "Poshel nalevo" (I've cheated). Cheerful Avi Benedi shot a video with the audience using his mobile phone during his performance.

The concert could not just end without its presenter's spectacular act. Sultan Uragan ended the festival with such a flamboyant performance that the euphoria took over the entire audience!

Your soul is tempted to become Orient-bound after such a concert! Tune in to 94.0 FM in Moscow. Miraculous Orient feel anytime!

The Vostok FM broadcasting station want to thank all the visitors. We are looking forward to another event!

The next concert takes place this fall, on the 22nd of November. You are welcome!

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