Spring concert of Radio Dacha came around! The country cottage season is open!

The audience and the stars of Radio Dacha celebrated the beginning of the favourite season of millions of summer residents for the tenth time. On April 6 the annual spring concert “Udachniye Pesni” took place at Crocus City Hall. The country cottage season is open!

The concert began with a solemn sound of fanfare, applause and a spectacular appearance of the hosts. Natasha Korolyova and her mother Lyudmila Poryvai boldly drove to the stage on colorful scooters.

In her extravagant manner Mama Lyuda impressed the public with attractive headdresses, complementing her outfits with a rose hat —or a whole vegetable bouquet. Natasha Korolyova swept off the audience with her incredible charm.

The hosts actively interacted with the guests being hospitable summer residents. To the question: “Who is ready to invite us to his dacha ?!” - invitations and promises to treat the stars with pickles from their own garden were heard from different ends of the ground floor and the balcony as if from a cornucopia.

Thanks to the sparkling humour of one of the most charming tandems, the concert felt like a warm meeting of the closest friends!

The brightest stars who can sing songs, like dacha and love to have fun in a friendly company were shining on the stage that evening!

Grigory Leps, Taisia Povaliy, Valery Meladze, Natasha Korolyova, Nikolai Rastorguev, Natalie, Vladimir Presnyakov, Valeria, Lolita, Christina Orbakaite, Aleksander Buinov, Slava, Aleksander Panayotov, Anita Tsoi, Vera Brezhneva, Denis Maidanov, Natalia Senchukova, Aleksander Ivanov, Zemlyane, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Ivanushki International, Anna Semenovich, Slava, Natalia Podolskaya, Sentyabr, VIA Gra, Elena Sever, Yulia Mikhalchik, KAYA, Masha Weber, Yasenia congratulated cottagers and performed their hits for them.

Nikolai Rastorguev was the first to sing at the music marathon. Now all the summer residents from Volga to Yenisei know that thanks to the music of Radio Dacha they will live a good life and the work will go on!

Elena Sever and Vera Brezhneva performed the song “Zla Ne Derzhi” (Hold No Grudge) and wished the audience not to hold any grudge against their country house neighbours. The audience welcomed the solo song of Vera Brezhneva “Lyudi, Lubite Drug Druga” (People, Love Each Other) with pleasure.

Together with Vladimir Presnyakov the audience sang “Ty U Menya Odna” (You Are My Onlt One). His charming spouse Natalya Podolskaya was the next to appear on the stage and performed the hit “Zemlyanin” (Earthling) to the fans.

The audience greeted warmly the legendary “summer resident” Vyacheslav Dobrynin, and together with him sang the popular hit “Lyotsya Muzyka” (Music Flows). Then the incomparable Natali joined him. Together they sang the song “Schastlivaya Lyubov” (Happy Love).

The charming Valeria appeared on the stage in a chic scarlet dress.

Christina Orbakaite made the audience dizzy with her energy singing of the song “Pyanaya Vishnya” (Brandied Cherry).

The hit of the group “Ivanushki International” “Tolko Dlya Ryzhikh” (For the Redheads only) was greeted by the audience with open arms, at the same time wishing the lead singer Kirill Andreyev a happy birthday which coincided with the day of the concert.

The artists of the group “Sentyabr” continued the spring evening with the striking hit “Krasivaya” (Beautiful). For a long time the guests applauded the musicians of the group “Zemlyane” who performed the lyrical hit “Odinochestvo” (Loneliness).

As always Lolita was a special treat of the event. The singer chose to wear an unexpectedly modest black jumpsuit but traditionally she acted very relaxed and told a lot of jokes.

Anita Tsoi continued this soulful evening by performing the hit “Novaya Ya” (New Me); the artist knocked everyone down with a stunning mini-dress accentuating her trim figure.

Taisiya Povaliy appeared before the public in a luxurious white suit and wished everyone to find sweet love. Natalia Senchukova, in her elegant dress emphasizing the singer’s thin waist, once again proved that she always stays fit.

The guests of the evening gladly greeted Denis Maidanov with loud applause, and enjoyed the lyrical hits of Aleksander Panayotov with bated breath.

The concert “Udachniye Pesni” (Successful Sings) did not go off without the performance of its fiery host Natasha Korolyova. “I don’t know about the daughter, but you’re lucky to have your son-in-law,” she told her mother. The audience greeted the hit song with the significant name “Zyat” (Son-In-Law) with loud applause.

The song “Devushka Prostaya” (Simple Girl) by Yulia Mikhalchik added a light, romantic touch to the atmosphere of holiday fun. With pleasure the audience sang along with the charming lead singers of such groups as VIA Gra and Queens, the unforgettable Yasenia, Maria Weber and KAYA. The legendary Aleksander Buinov sang the never-out-of-style hit “Pustoy Bambuk” (Empty Bamboo). Aleksander Ivanov congratulated the audience of Radio Dacha on the beginning of the new season and wished the audience successful “work and salary”.

Slava was greeted with applause. The singer appeared in front of the audience in an elegant airy white mini-dress and black leather boots, joking she was dressed appropriately for the event - as a cake.

Valery Meladze looked simply elegant, but he could not refuse Natasha Korolyova to take a picture directly on stage with the fiery Mama Lyuda.

Anna Semenovich, dressed a seductive nurse, performed the humorous song “Khochesh” (Do you want to?) , which cheered up the public even more.

Grigory Leps was the last to appear. His appearance on the stage alone has left the audience in complete delight. The singer performed his best hits, and the grateful audience did not want the star to leave for a long time.

The time in the company of favourite “dacha” artists flew like a flash, leaving pleasant impressions for the whole season! The endless applause of the audience confirmed it.

Tune in to your favourite radio frequency and turn up the “Radio Dacha” - the season will be productive and plenteous! The music has connected us!

You will be able to watch the TV version of the concert very soon on the channel “TV Tsentr”.