Love, adrenaline and euphoria! The major holiday Love Radio conflagrated the nation with signal success for the 11th time! Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Yekaterinburg met the most amazing and grandiose musical event of Russia - Big Love Show 2019!

It was unbelievable, showily and emotionally! Full halls, bright show, the hottest stars and the most famous hits of Love Radio!

The participants of Big Love Show 2019 were all the main hit-makers of the Love Radio air: Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Max Barskih, LOBODA, Egor Kreed, Yolka, Mot, Timati, Burito, Hanna, Sergey Lazarev, Artik & Asti, MATRANG, Elena Temnikova, HammAli & Navai, Lesha Swik, Julianna Karaulova, Gradusy, Tima Beloruskih, Smash, Marie Crymbreri, Djigan, Luxor, CYGO, Ivan Valeev, RASA and others.

In Moscow, the stars of Big Love Show came to a new great platform: The VTB Arena - "Dynamo". The show was opened by the superstar LOBODA, who immediately set the highest level of future action with her incredible energy!

This evening another pop diva shone on the scene - the gorgeous Polina Gagarina.

After the announcement of Sergey Lazarev in the hall there was an emotional storm - the audience met the hit “Whisper” with an enthusiastic cry!

Listeners of Love Radio met Max Barskyh with Incredible ovations. “Brums” was sang by the mass hall, and the new hit “Unearthly” was greeted by fans, as if spellbound.

Egor Kreed also presented to the audience of Big Love Show 2019 a new song “Time hasn't come”. Later Timati joined his performance to render together the song “Guchi”.

Debutants of Big Love Show also gave hell this evening: Tima Beloruskih, MATRANG, HammAli & Navai, Luxor, Lesha Swik, СYGO, Ivan Valeev, Zivert, RASA and others. They first appeared on the scene of the major holiday Love Radio, but the audience already knew their hits by heart.

Spectators literally cried from happiness, meeting Tima Belaruskih, and HammAli & Navai were forced to move not only the dance-floor, but also tribunes.

During the Lesha Swik performance, the hall turned crimson, and the MATRANG performance was accompanied by a LED aquarium and jellyfish projections.

It became hot when Denis Kurochkin and Alexander Sokolov appeared on the scene! Love Radio handsome men performed on the big scene with their debut single "Cloak". And they did it with incredible success!

As always, Big Love Show was not do without great performances. Yolka, Burito, Marie Crymbreri and Zvonky merged their hits into one foot tapping Megamix and together they came not only on the scene, but also on the red carpet of Big Love Show 2019, which this year was decorated with thousands of natural flowers.

Elena Temnikova, as always, was very active with the audience: she rendered together with spectators the song “No connection” from the new album and filmed a 360° space video. Djigan also did not make the audience bored and took off his shirt during the performance, having pleased idolatresses with muscular relief.

Artik & Asti performed their songs on high platforms. Julianna Karaulova was also not afraid to rise above the scene to sing the touching ballad “Fly after me”. Hanna and Luxor presented a joint song "Break rules" in huge cages.

The culmination of the evening was Dima Bilan's sneezer show. During the performance of the hit "Lightning", the heroine of the video clip for this song, Daria Klyukina, joined the artist to repeat the video epic trick. Artists scattered from each other, as if they were really struck by lightning. The hall paralysed with surprise for a second - it was cool! But surprises did not yet end - Polina came to the scene on the song “Drunk Love”, and with her - a big and cheerful company of bloggers. A real extravaganza was happening on the scene at the end of the evening!

So the audience and remember Big Love Show 2019 - all the greatest stars, thousands of spectators and an ocean of expression! It was cool, scaled, colorfully and stunningly! A fantastic trip to great love!

Thanks to everyone who was with us!
The countdown to Big Love Show 2020 began!

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