Great concert Vostok FM took place!

Moscow knows how East sounds! On April, 14 the large music event of the Vostok FM Radio Station - great concert “Stars of East” - was held in Vegas City Hall.

In the event of the sunniest radio station there appeared Timur Temirov, Elvin Grey, Sultan Uragan, Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev, Artur Best, Zara, Shakhzoda, Ka-Re, Sogdiana, Tural Everest, Milan Savich, Brandon Stone, Kristina, Rinat Karimov, Nodar Revia, Aidamir Mugu, Soyana, Olga Baskaeva. The radio hosts of Vostok FM - Timur Ikramov and Oksana Olshanskaya - hosted the concert.

The relaxed atmosphere of the hospitable East and the wonderful mood reigned in the hall throughout the whole concert. During the whole concert the audience danced and sang every hit joyfully. How can you stay calm when Ka-Re is singing “Dance with me!” or Sultan Uragan is grooving on his megahit “To the disco” and Rinat Karimov and Aidamir Mugu are dancing lezginka? The visitors of the concert “Stars of East” could not stop as well. Brandon Stone said to the visitors from the scene, “How cool, awesome and beautiful you are!”

Beautiful and romantic oriental love ballads sung by Timur Temirov, Elvin Grey, Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev and Tural Everest, Nodar Revia moved the hearts of the visitors. Only the stars of East may sing about love so sincerely.

Zara, Sogdiana, Kristina, Shakhzoda, Soyana and Olga Baskaeva shone on stage as brilliants. The woman moved the hearts of the visitors both by their sunny hits and warm words. Kristina thanked “Vostok FM” for the succulent concert and the audience for the hearty welcome. Shakhzoda reminded everyone present that the main wealth is the wealth of the soul and Sogdiana said that she was very happy to take part in such a wonderful concert.

Besides all the singers thanked the listeners for the warm welcome and loud applause and the radio “Vostok FM” for the wonderful event.

“The Stars of East” is the extraordinary concert that gives incredible emotions!