Сoncert “Udachniye Pesni” took place!

“Radio Dacha” solemnly declares the country cottage season to be open - the great spring concert “Udachniye Pesni” took place. The overwhelming event, positive emotions, full hall of visitors and all the most beloved stars in one show. It was incredible and unforgettable - the music connected us!

On March, 30 Nikolay Baskov, Philipp Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Natali, Valery Meladze, Zara, Oleg Gazmanov, Natasha Korolyova, Valeria, Lolita, Taisia Povaliy, Tatiana Bulanova, Mitya Fomin, Alyona Apina, Ani Lorak, Stas Kostushkin, Project A-Dessa, Uta and others cgratulated the beloved listeners with opening of the country village season in Crocus city Hall.

The concert hosts were good friends of “Radio Dacha” wonderful performers and a strong family - Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova. The star family pair warmly greeted every performer and amused the hall with country jokes all evening. Nikolay Baskov, Russian golden voice, opened the holiday concert “Radio Dacha”. The visitors thanked the singer with a storm of applause and a large number of flowers. One more line of fans with flowers and gifts lined up after the performance of Philipp Kirkorov. The king of stage declared that such warm welcome is a real spring for him! The stars shared their spring mood with the visitors singing lyric hits. Taisia Povaliy presented the songs “Let you be lucky in love” and “Native embraces of your hands”, charming Natali presented the visitors with the hit “I have only you”. Zara sang that love is “happiness over the Earth”. The singer Uta warned that spring may make the lovers crazy and sang the song “Like pricking of her thumbs” and Mitya Fomin reminded that you must always “Be near” with the beloved.

One of the most emotional moments of the event was the performance of Lolita. The singer sang the song devoted to Faina Ranevskaya and the life-asserting hit “On Titanic”. Nubile and always slim Ani Lorak showed by her appearance that spring must be met in a perfect form under any circumstances even if “New former” appeared in your life. Valeria and Tatiana Bulanova demonstrated positive mood and brilliant dresses to the visitors. Stas Mikhailov moving the hearts of all the Russian women for many years called the audience to dance and to be free. The fans did not take long to wait and immediately started to dance. The main romantic of the domestic stage - Valery Meladze - wished the listeners of "Radio Dacha" an excellent summer season and a year-round good mood. Oleg Gazmanov adviced the listeners to live шт great comfort and Lyona Apina congratulated everyone with a new spring and presented her megahit “Electric Train”.

This evening Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova showed themselves not only as the hosts. The star pair made a declaration of love to “Radio Dacha” and presented the audience with the most country cottage hit “Botanist” and “Paper Planes”. Besides it was not the only pair of the event. Natasha Korolyova and German titov, Stas Mikhailov and Elena Sever sang in pairs as well.

The concert of “Radio Dacha” finished springlike and joyfully - with salvoes of butterflies-confetti and the performance of Stas Kostushkin. The audience danced under the groovy and hot hit “Opa! Anapa” sparing no legs and applauded sparing no hands. Three hours of musical marathon of beloved sings inspired all and everyone with energy and optimism!

That’s the way to open the country cottage season so that it was successful - with “Radio Dacha” and favourite stars and songs!

You may watch the TV version of the grand concert during May holidays on the channel “TV Tsentr”.